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Title: Three
Pairing: Cougar/Jensen
Rating: R
Summary: A man walked into a bar in Lagos.
Disclaimer: Not mine, borrowed!
Warnings: Violence, strong language and schmoop.
Notes: Follows His, Now I lay me down to sleep, Useful, Better dead, Not even close, Going to ground, Talk and Blue

It was another year before they even thought about sleeping together.

In Oktyabr’skiy, crammed into a shack barely big enough for Jensen, let alone Jensen, Cougar, their equipment, and a whole shit tonne of issues with small spaces.

Cougar lay out on his belly, his scope fixed on the horizon. Jensen lay half over Cougar. He made a fucking good blanket.

For once he wasn’t talking, probably because every time he did, his jaw chattered together so loudly it knocked Cougar’s focus.

Instead he just breathed in Cougar’s ear.

It was about as intimate as they were going to get in the middle of fucking Uzbekistan.

In Quebec, they advised on a hostage situation. Clay and Roque took the point, making Cougar, Jensen and Pooch somewhat unnecessary when surrounded by half the Canadian military.

They hit a bar, kept the drinks to a minimum, and watched Pooch fight off the advances of a group of giggling co-eds.

Cougar had his knee against Jensen’s. It was better than holding hands.

They did that. In the dark. Laced together when Cougar’s trigger finger seized up. Jensen curled his fingers around it to try increase the circulation. Then he wrapped his lips around it instead.

Cougar’s heart rate certainly kicked up a level.

Jillian started referring to him as Uncle Cougar at five.

At six, she wanted to know why he hadn’t asked Jensen to marry him.

Two years after they left Hell behind, stone cold sober and more alive than they’d ever been, they went back to Cabo san Lucas, back to the beach, the sea, and the blue.

Jensen topped because Cougar knew he would stop if Cougar asked him to, and he wasn’t so sure he’d have the strength to do the same.

“Now you have to marry him!” Jillian said, leaving both her uncles speechless and vaguely horrified.

She then informed them that she would like a little brother, please.

Cougar left the ‘birds and the bees’ to Jensen.

Then was made to spend the night on the couch.

Jensen got promoted in May. He shaved, polished his boots, and looked like every Hollywood carbon print of a soldier on parade as he picked up his stripes.

That night, Jensen kept his hat on.

He got bumped back to Corporal two months later. Cougar never asked, Jensen never told, but they both found the whole thing pretty damn funny, even if Clay spent a week spitting blood.

Pooch finally married Jolene in a small chapel with only her best friend and the four of them as guests. Jensen and Cougar got them a present together and pretty much outed themselves to the whole fucking world.

Cougar nearly died in Mexico.

Bullet to the chest.

Blood loss.

When he came around in DC, Clay left the reprimanding to Jensen.

Clay was an asshole.

And Jensen? Motherfucking terrifying when he was pissed.

They hunted pirates from the Port of Maydh.

Jensen’s enthusiasm might have been infectious, because even Roque agreed they had the coolest job ever.

Their boat got blown up by pirates, and the job was a little less cool.

Those blue, blue waters of the Gulf of Aden were home to some really fucking nasty sharks.

Roque turned out to be nastier than the sharks.

Cougar wasn’t really all that surprised.

In a fight between Jaws and Roque, Cougar would put his money on the man every time.

Plus Roque had a grenade. Which wasn’t cheating.

The shark probably disagreed, but then it had tried to eat them. The shark could go fuck itself.

“Where the fuck is Johnny Depp when you need him?”

Jensen crushed on Jack Sparrow.

He obviously had a thing for hats.

Cougar could work with that.

A man walked into a bar in Lagos.

That man was Wade.

That bar was occupied.

Jensen stopped Cougar from killing him, which was more than the others were willing to do.

Still, Wade didn’t have any teeth left when Cougar was done.

It was worth the mob that chased them out of town.

At seven, Jillian hung the stars and the moon in Cougar’s eyes.

Jensen thought it was adorable.

They’d been together three years.

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This whole series has been fantastic. Brutal, funny, sad, awwwwww-y, just downright fantastic I tell ya! Natural conclusion or is there more??

I don't think I could express myself as well as katemonkey did, so I shall just say THAT COMMENT IS SECONDED BY ME, thus cheating :P

but this is awesome.., because of course Jensen would find being demoted funny, and get excited about pirates, and Roque is much scarier than sharks, and Jensen's niece is awesome...

thanks for sharing it :)


I think the above statement pretty much wraps up how I feel about this story but I feel compelled to expand. I really like the little touches between them at the start. Those brief moments they had and Cougar has stored in his memories. Jensen sucking his finger - very hot.

I loved Rouque beating off the sharks. And Jensen's thing for hats. And I especially love the end line about being together.

I love this entire series and love the short passages about Cougar and Jensen and about the team.

Man, it's going to hurt when Roque goes off the rails because I love this Roque who kicks shark ass. That's just too awesome. Jillian is cracking me up.

Guh. I love this series so damn much. I'm a dork, bordering on fangirl, because I re-read the entire thing every time a new one is posted.

Will there be more? I'm greedy like that.

All right so it's not just me then?!

What a lovely piece to wake up to! Thank you!!!!

Editing quickly to say that this is what I wanted to say last night after I actually read it, but was too drained.

You have no idea how this story, odd as it sounds, really helped to make my day that much better...and probably helped me to change my mind about giving up on writing.That all said... This series it way beyond awesome. There's so much pain and joy that it's epic. The way you're telling this is also epic, and a style of writing I may have to try (won't be as good, I'm sure) sometime. They're finally coming back to some semblance of themselves.

Part I liked the best was Jensen's niece asking for a baby brother from them after declaring that they had to get married. It was too funny that he ended up sleeping on the couch because he left Jensen alone to explain the "birds and bees" to her. Though it was heartbreaking a bit that Cougar let Jensen top for the simple reason that he felt he wouldn't be able to stop if Jensen asked him to.

I could ramble on and on about the awesome in this, but then I'd run the danger of LJ refusing to post b/c it's too I'm gonna go and wait, lurk, whatever, until the next story comes along.

Edited at 2010-07-24 03:59 pm (UTC)


*falls down on her butt*

*gets up and squees some more*

omfg... that was the best ever. i just got home from work and that, just totally hit the spot. thank you!

Ooooh such delight. I love these snapshots into the guys' lives. Makes me very happy. You get them all so well. I am basking in the wonderful loveliness of it, yet it remains real and painful too :)

*flails a bit happily* Wade gets beaten to a pulp! And pirates!! And cuteness!!! I could want for nothing more from this chapter.

Jensen crushed on Jack Sparrow.



Oh, i so love. And so glad you're not letting them be 'fixed' as if it's easy.

A brother!
*snickers madly*

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