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So many different suns

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AU? Yes please :D
Clay and Cougar
The Losers should have an AU meme?


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Definitely. 'The Losers' has really big AU-potential!

Doesn't it just! Gah, I have such a huge AU kink, it isn't funny!

(Deleted comment)
I have NO clue how to go about making one, but I like the idea of it :D I shall think.

Yes is a damn good answer!

I'm down with that. Half of what I write seems AU. :/

Depends on what you mean by meme...

People prompt, people write. That kind of meme.

I'll read, but probably won't write at this point. I need to catch up on my Fic to Finish has now reached List of Insanity proportions.

So you're thinking more of a comment fic meme?

Sounds like fun (: yes.

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