There's so many different worlds

So many different suns

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Now really
Jensen Rock On
Okay Losers, someone please explain why there is no fic based on

or, you know...this one

because seriously!

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I guess that does kill the word count a little.

(Deleted comment)
I suppose that does create something of a problem. Pity, really! Eyecandy of awesome is awesome!

I agree, because my mind seriously just went blank though i've seen that first one before.

Seconds that.

My friends Kaitlia777 linked me (because she knows I'm still in the process of catching up on eljay) and I said to her "I'm sorry did you say something? *stares*"

And you want us to fic these? Yeah I'll be in my fic today.

Or what about Chris' O-face from the start of "London"? Ugh, I about died.

And these pics are soooo not helping. *wants to lick his entire torso*

*whimpers* I keep forgetting what the question was so I have to scroll back and up and yep, braindead all over again.

Though seeing those just before bed might just spark some interesting dreams which often leads to fic in my case :D

*scrolls back up to stare some more*


My mind just.........I can't.........what? What was the question?

I'm just gonna stare at the one that looks like Chris just got fucked until he passed out. *humms happily* ^-^

Yahuh, I am with Katemonkey. Brain just short circuited to happy place and is currently sitting there making happy kitty noises and rubbing up against pretty pictures. :)

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